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Want to know how to make your skin look radiant for your wedding day? Ever wonder what is the best makeup application for the time of day you are getting married?

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Your Storybook Bride consultation is one of the most important beauty services you will experience. As we get to know you, your personality and your desires for your bridal look, we can start to create the essence of your image. In discovering the facets of what makes you special, we add our expertise and draw upon your skin, facial and hair dynamics to refine your bridal beauty design. At this time please feel free to bring any pictures and/or accessories you would like, so we can work with you to create your very own signature image.

The Storybook Bride Magic Mirror Color Consultation is a reflection of the color spectrum that best suits you as seen in your, eye color, hair color and skin tone. As we continue to gaze into the mirror your beauty is revealed in the shape of your eyes, face, skin type and bone structure. As the magic mirror shows us your true beauty we can apply your makeup in harmony with your color palette and facial features. You will also receive a complimentary application sheet that celebrates you’re beauty.

The Storybook Bride Coronation Consultation is an invitation to enter in to your regal beauty by creating the most exquisite crown of glory with your hair. By acquiring an intimate knowledge of your hair, its length, texture, color and density, we can design your ‘crown’ to best accentuate your bridal image by integrating it with your facial features and bone structure. Every woman’s beauty and image is different, therefore we style your hair to radiate the royal nature of your beauty as your personal crowning jewel.

The Storybook Bride Pure Enchantment Consultation is a revelation of your total beauty. As we combine our artistic skills with your true beauty we create the magic needed to transform your image into the royal princess of which you’ve always dreamed. By summoning the power of the Magic Mirror and inviting you to the Coronation of your regal beauty, we celebrate the full radiance of you. Having created your signature image, you are now prepared to embark upon the journey of your happily-ever-after.

Pre-Trial Session
At your Pre-Trial session we create your signature bridal image for your wedding day. Drawing valuable insights from your Storybook Bride consultation, we work with you to create the look of which you have always dreamed. Your Pre-Trial session should be booked 3 to 4 months prior to your wedding date. You will want to make sure we have enough time to prepare you for your beauty enhancements, like growing your hair and/or clearing your complexion. Once we have created the bridal look you love, we will document all of your information and take photographs to assist us in recreating your signature image for your wedding day. Please bring your tiara, veil and other bridal accessories to your Pre-Trial Session. We recommend you wear a white, black or gray top so we can accurately see your facial undertone colors. We welcome you to bring a friend or family member to share your beauty experience. It’s a good idea to schedule your Pre-Trial session the same day as your engagement photos so you can be wedding day beautiful for your pictures.

Wedding Day
The Storybook Bride Artistic Team is ready to transform you into your most exquisite image on your Wedding Day. We travel to your location to prepare you and your party to look picture perfect. From the smallest flower girl’s blush to the bride’s final touches, the Storybook Bride takes the worry away by coordinating every detail of your Wedding Day Beauty experience. You and your bridal party will be lavished with love and beauty as we apply your makeup and design your hair to be camera ready before you walk down the aisle The Storybook Bride can accommodate any size wedding party.

The Pure Enchantment Complete Package
This package includes the Pure Enchantment Consultation, a Pre-Trial Makeup and Hair Session, the Ladies-in-Waiting Beauty Service coordinated with the Storybook Bride artistic team, travel to your location and “Signature Image” Wedding Day Makeup and Hair Services. Additionally, you will receive a touch up kit, which includes lip liner and lip stick.

The Magic Mirror Package
This package includes a Storybook Bride Magic Mirror Color Consultation, a Pre-Trial makeup session, the Ladies-in-Waiting Beauty Service coordinated with the Storybook Bride artistic team, travel to your location and Wedding Day Makeup Artistry services. Additionally, you will receive a touch up kit, which includes lip liner and lip stick.

The Coronation Package
This package includes a Storybook Bride Coronation Consultation, a Pre-Trial hair session, the Ladies-in-Waiting Beauty Service coordinated with the Storybook Bride artistic team, travel to your location and Wedding Day Hair Design services.

Ladies-in-Waiting Beauty Services
The Storybook Bride can extend your signature bridal image to your entire wedding party. We can create looks for your bridesmaids, mothers, grandmothers and friends. This service can include hair design and/or makeup artistry.

Skin Care
Your skin will look as good as well as it is cared for and your makeup will look as good as your skin. Our skin care products and facial services will improve the health of your complexion and make your skin glow for your special occasion.

This facial treatment is designed to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells while stimulating the skin’s natural renewal process. A gentle approach to toning and revitalizing skin, reversing the appearance of aging and bringing a fresh healthy glow to the skin, this process is safe and effective for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and hyper pigmentation. This is great for the Mother-of-the-Bride!

Miracle Peel Facial
This treatment is designed to improve uneven skin tone, texture, and crows feet, leaving you virtually spotless from irregular patches of hyper pigmentation caused from the sun. Great for the Bride!

#1 Acne Treatment Deep Cleansing Facial
This treatment is specifically for acne and oily skin types. Dramatically improves your complexion without dryness, redness or irritation. Your skin will look healthy and beautiful.

Rejuvenating Facial
Relax and enjoy a stress relieving facial for brides that want an introduction to the skin renewal process.

Lash and Eye brow treatment
A safe method for darkening or lightening lashes and brows. Lasts 4 to 8 weeks.
Lash tint
Brow tint
Eye lash tint

Eye Brow shaping
Bikini Line
Under Arm
Half and Full Leg

Profession Salon Services
In the days ahead you will be on a journey of planning the biggest event of your life. Let The Storybook Bride makeup and hair experts help you reach your beauty goals with support services designed to give you dynamic results. Here are some of our services.

Hair coloring
Hair color is a vital part of your bridal beauty. The right color tones against you face and eyes will make you sparkle. Contrast and placement of color is equally important in knowing what area of your face to highlight, brighten or contour.

Hair Cut Design
Taking advantage of your unique features by cutting complimentary shapes in your hair will empower you to feel confident. Let us create a design that will make you shine.

Hair Extensions
Our hair extensions are beautiful and youthful looking for brides desiring fuller, longer hair. We use 100% human hair extensions with a protein bond on each individual strand allowing the hair to flow into its own natural direction. We use Apex, Cinderella and Fantasy hair for diverse looks & cut and color to match you hair perfectly. They are easy to maintain and last as long as 4 to 5 months depending on how well you take care of them.

Reservation and Deposit Policies
Your Consultation and Pre-trial should be scheduled 3 to 4 months prior to the wedding. At the time of your Pre-trial a deposit of the bride and wedding party services will reserve your date. Two weeks prior to your wedding we will need a final count of the number of people who will be receiving makeup and hair services. We will need to be informed of the location you will be getting ready and time you will need to depart. The balance for services to be provided to all persons is due two weeks prior to your wedding. Deposit is non refundable.