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The Storybook Bride is an exclusive beauty service. We are dedicated to capturing the essence and beauty of who you are and creating your most exquisite look on your wedding day or special occasion.

Our professional hair and makeup artists come along side and empower you to express your uniqueness, creating your most beautiful image. You will feel confident as your artist discovers your best colors palettes for your makeup and stunning styles for your hair.

What is special about The Storybook Bride is we draw our inspiration from the individuality of you. We take into account your skin tone & type, facial features, hair color, body type and personal style to design your bridal look.

The Storybook Bride’s creative team has diverse experience in the beauty, film and media industries. Our knowledge of color, fashion, artistic design, contour, lighting, continuity and timing gives our brides a look that transcends Hollywood’s glamour to the timelessness of your true beauty. In addition, we can embellish makeup and hair designs using hair pieces, flowers and accessories to create thematic, cultural or period looks for you and your party. We love what we do and can’t wait to lavish our talents on you.

We invite you to benefit from our professional salon services. We can make you look radiant, transforming your bridal image with dynamic hair colors and stylish hair cuts that compliment your skin tone and facial features. We can also make you glow with our rejuvenating facials, lash and eyebrow services.

Your beauty is a wonderful journey. Let The Storybook Bride take that journey with you, giving you an exquisite Storybook Beauty Experience. We thank you for choosing us and are honored to be a part of creating the most beautiful you, which you will remember for a life time.


Michelle Santillan Hardy

CEO, The Storybook Bride