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“It’s a Wonderful Life”

My favorite movie is a story about a man who had the opportunity to see what the world would be like without him. He was a dreamer destined for greatness. Though life didn’t look the way he wanted, the Lord knew exactly what he needed. He impacted so many lives and his commitment, sacrifice and love for others is what made him great.

My 25 years of experience in the beauty industry has really been a wonderful life. I have been able to do what I love, inspiring women and men to feel confident and beautiful. In my years in this business, my makeup and hair artistry has gifted me with a wealth of memorable moments and life time experiences that I treasure. Creating ‘The Storybook Bride’ is definitely one of them.

Through the years, my conviction and striving for excellence has led me to many pursuits. From 1990-1996, I was an educator for Wella International, teaching and training industry professionals in the following: Up Do styling, hair coloring, color correction, hair cutting and permanent waving techniques. I was instrumental in developing a pioneer education program geared to raising the standards of our industry through education.

My continued passion for teaching propelled me to engage in advanced training with Schwartzkof of Germany International, earning level 1and 2 certifications as an intensive trainer. I had the privilege of working with other creative artists building skills in artistic hair coloring, leadership and dynamic presentation. In my educational portfolio I have worked with and learned from many great artists. My favorites are: Toni & Guy Artistic Team, Vidal Sassoon Artistic Team, Rusk, Patrick Cameron, Wella International, Aveda Concepts, Vivian Mac Kinder, Susan Libson of “ON SET” Academy, James Albert, Schwartzkof Artistic Team, Mac, Sally Van Swearingen, Christine Stahl of Westmore Academy, Karen & O’Leary Logan of Renissance Works Inc., Sarah Marsh Overholt , Dan Toucchini and Ennio Salucci of ACCD transformational coaching and training. I feel education, whether you are a teacher or a student, is key to long term success.

Late in the 1990’s, I was enchanted by Hollywood. Working in the film and print industry opened up new levels of creativity; transforming my craft and enabling me to think outside the box. I realized my passion for period piece work at “On Set” Academy, a movie hair course with Susan Libson. Working on script breakdowns and creating through-the-ages masterpieces such as: Queen Elizabeth of the16th century, Madame and Marie Antoinette of the 18th century, 19th century French and American Chignons and silhouettes, 20th century Gibson girls, the 20’s Clara Bow, Bridget Bardou in the 1960’s to current day fashions, fascinated me and birthed an understanding of the plight of the ‘painted lady’ which has given me compassion for women in every century who have desired beauty. Each fashion trend and era icon share a common thread: We all desire to be beautiful.

These are the inspirations to many hair and makeup designs for ‘The Storybook Bride’ and the creative work that I am engaged in. My unbridled passion for this new art exposed me to opportunities to work on projects such as; “The passenger” with Tiger productions, “Reflexus”, with Sun in Your Eyes productions, which won us 3rd place in the Warner Brothers film festival. I was fortunate to work with Smash Box for image software, Inspire magazine bridal addition, Charter Media commercials and other shorts, photo shoots and video projects. This was the beginning to an amazing journey in artistry. Being a part of a family of creative people working together from inception to giving life to a work of art is incredible. I was awakened to a revolutionary way of looking at life and art that allowed me to see beyond what I could understand and gave me courage and vision for the future.

This awakening caused me to embark upon a quest for wholeness, transformation and self discovery. Through transformational trainings with ACCD (Association of Christian Character Development) and leadership seminars with Renaissance Works Inc., I have been empowered to discover and triumph over limiting beliefs by inviting freedom to create new possibilities. Embracing change and engaging with a network of like minded professionals has allowed me to grow and thrive.

Having this vision gives me hope and summons me towards the highest standards, both professionally and spiritually. Today I feel wealthy and rich with the opportunity to empower others in their crafts. I am a freelance artist and speaker. Continuing to teach and learn from my artists and mentors, I strive for an unprecedented future through commitment, sacrifice and loving others.


Michelle Hardy